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Rewiring in London

Full and Partial Rewiring Services for Domestic & Commercial Properties

Full and Partial House Rewiring in London

AC1 have many years of experience working in both occupied and unoccupied properties. AC1 specialise in all types of full and part rewiring. Every AC1 electrician is fully qualified, complete with the right certifications, to carry out all electrical work on your property in London. Continue reading for more information on our house rewire service in London.

We regularly work in houses, flats, apartments, listed buildings, mansions, extensions, loft conversions, rented property and HMOs as well as multiple conversion – (Houses into Flats etc). Get in touch with AC1 Electrical if you require property rewiring in and around in London.

We also provide commercial rewiring as a contractor to some well known companies, including Costa Coffee, Budgens and Cambridge City Council.

Full Rewiring

Does your property need to be fully rewired? AC1 Electrical Services offer an exception full house rewire service. We will walk you through the rewiring process and aim to cause as little disruption as possible. Our electricians are fully qualified and equipped to complete a full house rewire.

Partial Rewiring

In some cases it may only be necessary to have some circuits rewired within a property, for example, following an unsatisfactory electrical report. AC1 Electrical Services can also install new circuits such as a new cooker circuits, shower circuits or armoured cabling to supply an outbuilding or garage.

HMO Rewiring

An HMO must be installed with safe electrical wiring that meets minimum safety requirements. It is often useful to landlords of houses of multiple occupancy to have each occupant on each circuit. AC1 Electrical can expertly rewire your HMO, ensuring an EICR is taken out on the property.

Extensions and Loft Conversion Rewiring

AC1 Electrical Services are experts in dealing with new wiring for a new extension or loft conversion that has been built. Book a free site visit and we will come a discuss your requirements with you and advise on the most placatable and cost effective options available to you.

Alterations and additions

Adding extra sockets or lighting points like downlight fixtures will require the alteration or addition to an existing circuit. AC1 Electrical Services will issue you with a minor works certificate on completion of any such works to show they have been tested and are safe to use.

New Kitchen Wiring

Having a new kitchen designed and installed often means that the existing socket outlets and isolation switches for your appliances will need to be moved and relocated to suit the new kitchen layout. We will advise you on the best possible options base on your new kitchen design.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The service we have received from AC1 has been superb - from the responsive and helpful office staff to the electrician who installed our ev charger.

The electrician was excellent. He removed the old pendant light fittings and put up the new ones. He made sure they were the correct height and was extremely tidy. He was also friendly and completed the work quickly to a high standard.
Chris Augustine

Excellent service. Would use them again.
Michael Riminton

A great team and fantastic overall experience for setting up EV charger. Natalie was impeccably responsive and reliable. Tony came twice, once for the site visit and the other to help us make sure the charger worked as it took a bit of fuss to setup but Tony was thorough throughout and made sure we know what we are getting and is up to a high standard. Jon the electrician did an incredible job running the cable through our staircase, along the skirt line, with a neat looking and perfectly fitted cover, through the front wall and the charger was fitted perfectly beside our front door. Brilliant service and an excellent team. Would undoubtedly recommend.
Kevin Kan

AC1 Electrical was the 3rd company we had tried after we had been let down and taken advantage of for work needed on our Grade 2 listed property. Tony and his team worked with us to ensure that the work was all completed whilst being respectful of the property and the finished result is beyond our expectations. We would not hesitate recommending them to anyone and will be using them again for our next project!

I found AC1 form a web search and they completed EICR and rectification works on my mums empty house prior to sale in a very expedient and professional matter, Natalie was super communicative/efficient to deal with and thier services are set up digitally so very each to utilize. I found them to be good value too. Certainly recommend them to others for work in Central London.
Eamon Sheehan

Used AC1 twice now, one time for an EICR and one time for an extractor fan and adding additional plug socket. Great service received both times from both the office and the electrician, very friendly and professional. They were able to fit in the appointments quickly as well. Highly recommended and will use again for future electrical work. Thanks again.

Frequently asked questions about Rewiring

How much does it cost to rewire a house?

We get lots of questions about house rewire costs in London. The best place to start is with a free survey - just click the button and off you go. Or if you just want a rough idea over the phone, call us. Prices start from around £2000 - but it depends on the size of the property and the number of sockets, lights, and switches.

AC1's house rewire prices in London are very competitive for the quality and responsiveness of the services we provide. We use the best supplies and we don't cut corners - electrical safety is our highest priority. We give fair fixed price quotes and surveys. You won't find a better service for the cost.

The best answer to all these is to book a free survey. AC1 provide domestic and commercial rewiring services in London, and nearby areas.

How often should a house be rewired?

House and business wiring should last 20+ years. With modern cabling, maybe as long as 40 years. Eventually, the insulation will begin to deteriorate and you will need a rewiring service. Ask us for a free survey if you think you may need our house rewire services in London.

How do I know if my house needs rewiring?

Usually, an electrical inspection (Electrical Installation Condition Report) for a house rewire in London would have been carried out by a registered electrician, this may have highlighted some potential faults or items that do not meet current national standards and regulations meaning the existing installation and wiring is unsafe.

The report may recommend full rewiring or part-rewiring of the installation depending on the test results obtained by the engineer, there are a number of reasons that wiring may not be suitable or up to current standards.
Current mains cabling is mostly PVC. Old cabling might use paper or vulcanised rubber (VRI/VIR) as the insulating material. Lead and aluminium are also used in old wiring. Other problems include no circuit protective conductor (CPC) or earthing conductor within the installation. Testing may indicate many possible faults in existing wiring throughout an installation.

If you have not had an electrical inspection carried out by a registered electrician and think your wiring may be outdated or unsafe, Please see ‘Reports and certificates’section for more information on electrical inspection and testing, relating to house rewires in London.

When should I rewire a house?

The older your home is, the less likely your wiring is up to modern safety standards. House rewiring (location) is always worth it if you believe your house wiring needs upgrading, or if you are experiencing faulty electrics.

If you are experiencing flickering lights, blown fuses, a smell of burning, shocks from outlets, or a fluctuation in power, it may be time for a house rewire (location). Contact AC1 Electrical if you need a house rewire (location).

How long does house rewiring in London take?

The time taken to rewire a domestic or commercial property will depend on the size of the property.

An average-sized 3 or 4 bedroom house will take around 2 to 3 weeks for house rewiring in London. For an accurate fixed-price quotation, ask for a free survey.

Are your quotes for rewiring fixed?

You will receive a fixed price quote before any house rewiring in London work commences. Nothing more to pay.

During work or testing, we may uncover the need for additional remedial work. If this happens, you will be given a clear quotation for this electrical work - but you will not be obliged to use us further.

What does rewiring a house involve?

There are 2 stages to a house rewire in London. First, the new wiring and back boxes are installed. Secondly, the new fixtures are connected - these include the consumer unit, socket fronts, switches, and lighting pendants. The 2 stages are called the first and second fix. Both stages must conform to legal regulations - cables and fixtures can't just be run anywhere.

Rewiring can be very disruptive and messy, but AC1 Electrical ensures all house rewires in London cause as little disruption and clutter as possible.

AC1 provide domestic and commercial rewiring services in London, and nearby areas.

What methods of rewiring are there?

There are several ways to complete a house rewire in London, depending on the circumstances of which the wiring is taking place, for example:

- Chased
If you have just purchased a new property and will be living there for the foreseeable future, you would most likely want to have all cables hidden and inside walls, this would involve chasing a 25mm to 30mm channel inside the walls for the cables and back boxes to sit in, this would then require plastering, making good and decoration after, but would be a better finish.

- Trunking or Conduit
If you are renting a property and it requires rewiring, sometimes the best option is to use a surface-mounted mini trunking or conduit and surface back boxes to avoid damage or to cut cost, for example, if you have had laminate floors laid throughout you would not want to go to the expense of taking these up and replacing them. The ultimate purpose would be to ensure the installation is in a safe and operational condition for your tenants to use.

- Pull through
In a lot of council or ex-council properties like concrete flats and buildings alike, there originally would have been a small steel conduit laid inside walls and ceilings housing cables. Most of the time these can be re-used and there is no need for chasing or trunking we can simply pull new cables through the old conduit.

For any type of house rewiring in London, no matter what method you decide to use, there is likely to be some damage and mess, in any circumstance we will arrange for all 'making good' to be done, including re-decoration if requested.

Why should I have my house rewired in London?

Old or out of date wiring can become a fire and safety hazard. A house that needs rewiring may have flickering lights, sparking outlets or fluctuations in power, all of which can be dangerous to tenants. In fact, faulty wiring causes 12,500 fires annually in homes around the UK.

Whilst house rewiring in London isn’t always cheap, it is worth it to improve the safety standards of your home. A house rewire in London can also add value to your property, and up to date electrics can help reduce the cost of your bills. Talk with AC1 Electrical about the benefits of rewiring your house and why you should invest in our house rewire service in London.

Can you rewire an occupied building?

Yes. AC1 have many years of experience rewiring occupied and unoccupied properties. Get in touch with us if you require rewiring for an occupied building.

Is your rewiring work guaranteed?

Yes. All work carried out by AC1 Electrical come with a minimum 1-year guarantee, including supplied fixtures and equipment. Should any issues arise with your house rewire in London within this time frame, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Are you fully insured?

AC1 is fully insured for domestic and commercial electrical work on customer premises, including our house rewire services in London.

What is your complaints procedure?

AC1 is trusted to complete electrical repairs and installations to the highest standard. If there is any problem with our services, including our house rewire service in London, please contact us in writing. If we are at fault we will rectify the issue immediately.