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Electrical Rewiring in Halstead CO9

We are specialists in all types of full and part rewiring including:

  • Houses and Flats

  • High end Apartments

  • Mansions

  • Loft Conversions

  • Extensions

  • H.M.O’s

  • Multiple Conversion – (Houses into Flats etc)

We have many years of experience working in both occupied and unoccupied properties .

  • We carry out all work to current BS7671 18th edition regulation standards

  • Provide a full installation certificate and Part P notification on completion

  • Offer a full 1 year written GUARANTEE on all parts and workmanship as standard

  • FREE itemised quotes.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my house needs rewiring?

Usually an electrical inspection (Electrical Installation Condition Report) would have been carried out by a registered electrician, this may of highlighted some potential faults or items that do not meet current national standards and regulations meaning the existing installation and wiring is unsafe or uninhabitable.

The report may recommend full or part rewiring of the installation depending on the test results obtained by the engineer, there are a number of reasons that wiring may not be suitable or up to current standards including:

  • V.I.R Cabling – These are cloth coated aluminium cabling (usually red) which are around 50 – 60 years old.

  • LED cabling – These are LED coated cables which also date back years and are potentially dangerous

  • No CPC or Earthing conductor within the installation

  • Faulty wiring – The test results obtained throughout the inspection may of indicated multiple faults throughout the installation

If you have not had an electrical inspection carried out by a registered electrician and think your wiring may be outdated or unsafe, Please see ‘Reports and certificates’section for more information on electrical inspection and testing.

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How much does it cost?

Rewiring costs start from £500.00 and depend on a number of things like weather the property is occupied or unoccupied, How many sockets, lights, switches etc, weather you would like standard plastic or chrome fittings and fixtures, standard light pendants or recessed down lights,etc…

For this reason we are unable to provide on-line quotes but you can contact us by phone or using our on-line enquiry form to arrange a FREE site visit and/or Quotation. If you have any drawings and/or specifications you can email them to us along with your details and we will respond to you with our most competitive price.

How long does it take?

Again the length of time rewiring takes depends on a number of things, generally a rewire for a standard 3 bedroom house would take between 7 and 10 days.

What methods of rewiring are there?

There are a number of ways to rewire a property depending on the circumstances of which the wiring is taking place, for example:


If you have just purchased a new property and will be living there for the foreseeable future, you would most likely want to have all cables hidden and inside walls, this would involve chasing a 25mm to 30mm channel inside the walls for the cables and back boxes to sit in, this would then require plastering, making good and decoration after, but would be a better finish.

Trunking or Conduit

If you are renting a property and it requires rewiring, sometimes the best option is to use a surface mounted mini trunking or conduit and surface back boxes to avoid damage or to cut cost, for example if you have had laminate floors laid throughout you would not want to go to the expense of taking these up and replacing them, the ultimate purpose would be to ensure the installation is in a safe and operational condition for your tenants to use.

Pull through

In a lot of council or ex council properties like concrete flats and buildings alike, there originally would have been a small steel conduit laid inside walls and ceilings housing cables. Most of the time these can be re-used and there is no need for chasing or trunking we can simply pull new cables through old conduit.

For any type of rewiring no matter what method you decide to use, there is likely going to be slight damage, in any circumstance we will arrange for all making good to be done and decoration if requested.